Thursday, July 22, 2010


The first time we met
Scolded by my father, I was
My eyes were red and wet
And my heart, afraid of your claws

The second time you greeted me
I tried hard to neglect you
My teacher lashed at me in fury
The ruler she hit me with, split in two

The third time we bumped into
My mother slapped me on my cheek
I had nowhere else to go to
And finally, with you, I started to speak

Time flew like a breeze
Sometimes you would go on a vacation
Yet you never tend to cease
With you, happiness can never come into action

I saw everyone trying to break free
From your somber clutches
Nobody realized you were silently
By their side, in times of gloominess

Got together for a myriad times now
I wonder when will be that woeless tomorrow,
Even though you accompanied me when my life was low,
Will I ever get rid of you, sorrow?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My College Days

I had been hearing the distant rumble
Of thunder for a long time now,
But the only thing that I could do was grumble
About getting up, as I was lazy as a cow.

The cool westerly breeze came through the broken window
From the basalt-ridden Western Ghats
Rushing into my room and emanating high gusto
And making my hair erect and pointy like darts.

I wanted to lay still, wanted to cherish the sleep
But realized could doze no more
When the alarm clock started to beep
For the umpteenth time as someone knocked on my door.

He threw me a nasty look, disgusted with my daily grind
Whereas I could only fathom a scrawny smile
Realizing I was late again and the professor was not kind
Started to dress speedily as I still had to cover a mile.

Raindrops were splashing down from the sun-deprived gray sky
Pitter-pattering on the ground
The little umbrella couldn't keep me dry
Harsh whistling winds made the rain fall on me from all around.

Soaking wet, I finally reached college
Cursing as the surly clouds were sailing away,
The professor refused to shower me with knowledge
As I waited outside the class in dismay.

Monday, July 12, 2010

la victoria de mi destino - 4

The World Cup final is over. So many hearts broken, So many souls in pain. Yet there are many who feel like they are on top on the world. Rejoicing as Spain lifted the World Cup for the first time.

I am feeling very happy. Spain won. I wanted this to happen but I am also feeling very bad for Netherlands who played well enough to deserve the World Cup. If they had won, it would have been their first time too.

World Cup bearer, The Victorious Spain
Unstoppable like the monsoon rain
Netherlands, Paul was right again
Sad and happy I am, for Netherlands and Spain

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

la victoria de mi destino - 3

Spain won again. Awesome! They proved "Slow and Steady" wins the race. I hope they win in the World Cup final too. It is going to be against Netherlands. "Fingers crossed".

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Oh my God, Spain
The joy in me I cannot explain
Germany this time, who you did restrain
I wish you win in the final again


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

la victoria de mi destino - 2

Well, this is the continuation of a previous post.
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I am so happy. David Villa saved the day again on 4th July 2010. It was his 5th goal in this World Cup. He scored in 4 consecutive matches this time. Anyways, Spain won again against Paraguay in the Quarter-Finals and now they have to face Germany in Semi-Finals who may put a full stop in Spain's journey towards the world cup. No matter what I am going to shout out loud for Spain. "Fingers crossed".

Spain Spain Spain
Its time for beer and champagne
Paraguay it is, who you had slain
I wish you win again

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adieu Manipal

Manipal, O' my heart
Aches to leave you
Never will I forget you
Illimitable are your memories
Painful to let them pass
AdiĆ³s amigo
Lots of love

This is an acrostic poem. An acrostic poem is one in which the first letters of each line when put together reads a name or a theme.

Here, in this poem if you read the first letters of all the lines, it will spell MANIPAL. Manipal has been my home for four years. It's hard to leave Manipal so I am trying to say goodbye to Manipal as I would say to a friend.

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