Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My College Days

I had been hearing the distant rumble
Of thunder for a long time now,
But the only thing that I could do was grumble
About getting up, as I was lazy as a cow.

The cool westerly breeze came through the broken window
From the basalt-ridden Western Ghats
Rushing into my room and emanating high gusto
And making my hair erect and pointy like darts.

I wanted to lay still, wanted to cherish the sleep
But realized could doze no more
When the alarm clock started to beep
For the umpteenth time as someone knocked on my door.

He threw me a nasty look, disgusted with my daily grind
Whereas I could only fathom a scrawny smile
Realizing I was late again and the professor was not kind
Started to dress speedily as I still had to cover a mile.

Raindrops were splashing down from the sun-deprived gray sky
Pitter-pattering on the ground
The little umbrella couldn't keep me dry
Harsh whistling winds made the rain fall on me from all around.

Soaking wet, I finally reached college
Cursing as the surly clouds were sailing away,
The professor refused to shower me with knowledge
As I waited outside the class in dismay.


Mory said...

i am going to college this fall as a freshmen and i can tell you, it really freaks me out. Your poetry is truly fantastic. you should join poet united or other groups to share your poetry. send me an email if you need any help.

Prateek said...

awesome piece of work bro.. keep it up.. :)

Wendilea said...

Nicely done Sumit... a capture of the morning grind!

vivek said...

HI Sumit,
How are you ? finally I'm at ur sphere ...

Nice poem ..loved whole picture..from the very winds ..and to last refrain ..of the poem ..

Good work ..keep it up ..

see you soon
take care

Sumit Sarkar said...

@Mory..Thank you brother...and thanks for considering me good enough to join some group.

@Prateek..thanks yaar...

@Wendilea..thank you Wendilea...

@Vivek..I am fine...thank you for visiting my blog and liking this poem...

Crazy And Drunk said...


You're hilarious!

Sumit Sarkar said...


Myriam said...

I loved it :)

Sumit Sarkar said...

Thank you Myriam for reading this poem and loving it... :)

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