Thursday, September 23, 2010

All She Is

An exquisite panorama
Of simplicity and humility
A divine creation of God
Austere in all her forms
Woebegone she may be
Never revealing to anyone
Exuding love and care
Whilst veiling her pain
Delicate she may be
Enduring till the very end
Adept at work and planning
Never failing, never quitting
A girl, a woman, a sister, a mother
Lives up to every aspects of life
With honour and dignity

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sonnet of the Night

It has been a pleasant beautiful night
Moonlit, peaceful and still, starry and clear
My eyes shimmer at this wonderful sight
The moon is far away yet seems to be near

A lonely owl hoots beyond the dark trees
Awake, while the world rests after a long day
Crickets chirp, calling the maiden beauties
Loud enough to keep rivals out of way

A cool breeze started blowing from the west
Tree leaves rustled and hummed a melody
My lonely soul danced and rejoiced with zest
Like a celestial dancer, filled with beauty

Oh night, you bring composure and repose
And I await dawn to forget past woes

This is my first Sonnet. It was really tough to keep 10 syllables in each line but I did it.. :)
I haven't used the logic of iambic pentameter though...

For Thursday Poets Rally Week 32.

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