Friday, February 25, 2011

The Pencil

A mortal's weapon
Letters, words, numbers, symbols -
Bullets eternal

For The Haiku Challenge - Day 24.
Theme: The image above.


Anonymous said...

pencils can be powerful, written words as weapons....a great write my friend

Anonymous said...

words hurt the most always !

Someone is Special said...

Powerful Haiku Bro..

Someone is Special

Finer Friday said...

Yes pencils can be weapons! Nice Haiku! Be a part of this society

Iwrite4u said...

No sword is as sharp a pencil.True..well done haiku!

Claudia said...

i so agree - my pencil's my sword sometimes... great haiku sumit..hope you're having a fabulous weekend

Tanishka said...

not just for writing words, pencils also help for tying hair :D

Pratibha The Talent said...

PENCIL-A mortal's weapon....completely agree with you.

Patti said...

That is an awesome poem- short and to the point (pun intended) and so VERY and sometimes heartbreakingly so- true.

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Sumit,

How you doing? coming to your space after a long gap.

Nice Haiku , really liked it.
Yup it has the power if used wisely ..and can be destructive if used otherwise.

Take care.
Have a super Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I am passing The Versatile Blogger Award onto you. I hope you will accept. I have enjoyed your meaningful writings.

Umamaheswari.A said...

Lovely poem!

As a token of appreciation ,I have awarded you and hope you pick up your award at

You deserve the best!

Rashmi said...

I nominate you for the versatile poet award..You can claim the award by going to
With Regards,

Jingle said...

how are you?

The Versatile Blogger Award 4 You!

Thanks for the support,
Happy Wednesday!


Catherine Mackie said...

Like this a lot... A play on 'the pen is mightier than the sword'... well done.

Deepika said...

Rightly put. Actions or weapons can never have impact that words can get. If someone realises, the scars of pencil wounds live longer than anyother weapon.
Nice one.
BTW you aren't updating since a long time... Hope to see you back soon. :)

canvas artwork said...

this picture seems simple but yet very stylish

Many Thanks Andrew

♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ said...

A small thing yet we can't do without it :)
Will surely vote for you!
Nice post!

Kavita said...

Oh yes, Sumit.. and these bullets are DEFINITELY powerful!!
Well written, my friend..

Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Birthday,
be proud of be born in July.

JamieDedes said...

Mortal weapon to pen immortal words. Nicely done. Good spin on the theme.

I understand, Sumit, that you are celebrating a brithday this month.

Best wishes for a most happy one. You are featured here today:

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